So WHY Tim Huff?

Design-inspired hands on technologist that creates and turns ideas into actions; career expertise spanning hardware design, network design, product design, enterprise software development, rich experiences across screens and devices and user-experience design with creative design-thinking. A creative thinker with a cultural IQ that is equal parts Entrepreneurial (founded web business) & Intrapreneurial (built several startups in work place).

  • Track record of 100% customer satisfaction
  • Track record of building global teams of innovators: consultative and development teams that blend UX with enterprise dev and software craftsmanship
  • Effortlessly move from broad technology to deep technology, from broad industry landscape to deep business issues>
  • Thought leader at the intersection of platform technology and design
  • Presented alongside C, SVP's and GM's in high level customer and partner meetings
  • Experienced in managing product requirements, market analysis, product adoption, and integrating within product and project development org
  • Competency in translating business issues into customer solutions, opportunity identification, requirements and software development management, delivery, support, and analysis
  • Scoping, designing, developing, deploying, and supporting enterprise scale business applications
  • A leader in UX, UCD, LeanUX, Agile UX
  • Strong management skills on highly complex projects with rapid results

Personal Traits


Honest, supportive, what you see is what you get! Each individual on my team is treated with respect and is given honest, direct feedback. Promote the achievement of my team and the individuals. Build collaborative partnerships both internal and external. Support and mentor the growth and development of each teammate


Sees the vision and creates goals and paths to obtain. Passionate, and builds that passion within team and peers. Sees and defines the end results and defines the path to success. Growth through exceptional effort


To customers, internal and external, my peers, my team, my company, and myself. Define stretch goals for my team and myself. They are a direct reflection of my commitment to the role and to their success. Supporting my extended team with all available resources. 100% focused on delivering success.


Exceed expectations always and brings the team with you. Build a competitive edge that will separate the team and myself from the pack. We uphold the corporate values 100%.

Values and Personal Brand Video

“The definition of a champion is someone who is bent over from exhaustion, drenched in sweat, when no one else is looking!” - Eddie Gray

Focus on Team Success

Team Success

The building of a team is paramount. A team will always win over individuals. When hiring people, I put alot of thought on how that person would fit in the team, what strengths do they bring that would make the team stronger!



Be Dedicated to your Beliefs, your Loves, and Yourself, and you will be successfull!

Rise Above

Rise Above

Know your strengths, understand the strengths of your team mates, and use them to rise above the rest.

Be Tenacious

Be Tenacious

Don't let yourself get passed up, stay up on technology, keep your skills tight, and have confidence in yourself.

Inspirational Video

Learn from your mistakes, work hard, enjoy your rewards, and GET SOME LIFE OUT OF LIFE!

My Definition of Success

Create and save currency before you spend it

Everyone Sweeps the floors

Stars are made not born

Speak positively about your colleagues

If you have feedback, give it in a positive manner

Become experts in your field and the market place

  • Know your business and customers cold
  • Get the resources you need to be an expert and stay an expert

Work with a sense of urgency and bring the team with you

Respect the competition and their customers, one day they may both be ours, never underestimate!

Amaze People (both internal and external)

Be decent, honest, work hard, and produce timely work

You are the face of the organization and for your customers at all times

Think long term

Spend the companies money like your own

Don’t turf protect, don’t allow your mind to close to new ideas; no SACRED COWS

Have an opinion; express it with thought, data, and passion, then get on with it.

Work hard, don’t jam 16 hours into 8, and carve out some life in your life

Management Values

I believe my success as a manager can be summed up as being:

    Accountable - Take responsibility for results and hold myself, peers, and direct reports accountable for achieving established goals and objectives.
    Customer focused - Clearly communicate how to achieve stakeholder and customer expectations without over promising. I understand the cost / benefit ramifications of said recommendations to stakeholders and customers.
    Results driven - Willingly establish and apply performance measurements. I set stretch goal for myself and direct reports as necessary to achieve customer and business expectations. I believe in the old saying "work hard play hard".  I will make sure my team have a positive work - life balance and get some life out of life.
    Open and effective communicator - Create an atmosphere in which high-quality information flows smoothly through the organization and to stake-holders in a timely manner. I encourage the open expression of ideas and opinions, creating an open and inviting communication atmosphere.
    Effective manager of talent - I hire "T" shaped individuals based on talent, how they fit the team dynamic, visionary cues, and the their ability to see beyond the blinders. I strive to bring out the best in my team, regardless of their current performance levels.  I delegate authority and responsibility to others, allowing them to use their abilities and talents effectively. I give feedback, coach, and appraise my team at every opportunity; every week, if not every day; not just at review time.  I respect differing opinions and views of my team.

These competencies embody a few key points of my management style, in addition to the six traits listed above, I am:

    Respectful - Treat individuals as professionals and address them with appropriate respect. I am not out to make myself look good, but to help my employees execute their responsibilities well, and yes, to build employee confidence.
    Natural mentor - I am a coach that finds deep joy in helping my employees grow their careers and execute at a very high level. I focus a lot of effort on employee growth paths.
    Emotionally intelligent - I am direct, yet compassionate and tactful.
    Able to see the big picture - I look out not only for my team, but for the larger organization and company.
    Decisive - I will make hard choices quickly and recognize there may need to be course-corrections along the way.
    Life - long learners - I seek feedback regularly from peers, direct reports, and their managers and have a passion for improving myself.
    Teammate - I come from a sporting background, so I mentor and lead my team towards that metaphor.  A cohesive group that is willing to support and fight for each other.

I care about my team mates and work hard to help them succeed and grow. The results are that my teams are more loyal, successful, and effective.



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